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« faire-corps »

logo erasmusFrom September 2018 to Mai 2020, Scene 5 participate to the project « faire-corps », supported by Erasmus plus. The meetings during the project are aiming to lead theoretical and practical reflections on the topic of the body in the education. The idea is indeed to enrich the practice, and to be able to develop a new educational offer. Besides, the objective is also to create educational videos that can be used as training material for teachers from other organizations. Four European structures are part of the project ; We are a group of 12 people : Scene 5 in Berlin, EOS Art in Athens, Dialeg Obert in Valencia, and Crefada in Marseille. These structures are all involved in teaching processes related to non-formal education and performing arts. Theater, circus arts, performances and poetry, action art are the main fields of activities of the partner structures.

For more informations and results follow the link: https://fairecorps.warumnicht.org/